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TonerSaver was developed using patented process printer driver algorithms that will control toner and ink usage on printers. No special operations are necessary. Control and reduce loner and ink using by up to 75% while maintaining print quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Save Toner and/or Ink by up to 75% with increment of 1%, with minimum qualitu degradation.
  • Extremely easy-of-use interface requires just one click for a cost reduced printing.
  • Compatible with all Windows application including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and all others.
  • TonerSaver Server (Optional, Free of charge)
    • Toner Saver Server collects Printlog from individual client PCs across company, so the management team is able to review detailed print report.
    • TonerSaver Server is able to identify individual’s name with associated print information. As a result, it provides psychological deterrent effect on leaking company’s critical data.
    • With its centralized monitor mechanism under multi-vendor enviroment, it captures company-wide Printlog and generates graphical report showing saved cost, number of paper, B&W ratio, and others.

How It Works

TonerSaver sits in between application and printer driver. When you started print job. TonerSaver automatically analyzes target printer (Laser or InkJet) and apply optimized saving technology to deliver the best printing result.